Visit Aswan on Egyptian Nile Cruises

Aswan one of the most beautiful cities of Egypt can be traveled around on Nile cruises from Kemet Travel. With Nile cruises you get to see the two parts of Egypt – the ancient, rich Egyptian culture and also the modern Egypt and the contemporary culture.

Aswan is towards down south of Egypt and the beauty of river Nile can be seen from this city too. The inland of Aswan is covered by tropical plants and palm trees on high dessert hills. One of the major tourist attractions at Aswan is the massive Aga Khan’s mausoleum.

The Old Cataract hotel has also caught attention of tourist over time, because of the special mention of it in Agatha Christie’s novel “Death on Nile”. Other places which must be visited in Aswan are the Obelisk, granite quarries, the Lake of Nasser which is considered the larges man-made lake. To get a glimpse of the ancient architecture visit the Philae temple, this is also a burial place of Orisis; here evening light and sound shows are conducted for the visitors. The most interesting part of Philae temple is that it is also considered the most romantic place in Egypt and a portion of land is sprawled with beautiful flowers. Because of its romantic charm it is quite popular among the tourists.

The street market of Aswan called the Sharia as Souq is also another popular place which attracts a lot of tourists. Here tourists can buy bargain and buy Egyptian products to take back home. They are particularly famous for perfumes and spices.

Aswan the great city of egypt nile cruises which is a perfect starting point for the voyage on Egyptian Nile Cruises! John Petersons has been contributing to leading magazines for the past 10 years. He’s also an accredited researcher on the subject for leading research institutes in the US.

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