Audio visual rental services at Chicago

Whether a school presentation or a family gathering, media rental services has been a go-to for most Americans for quite some time now. Media rental services include audio visual gadgets and appliances such as portable DVD displays, televisions, speakers etc. Audio visual rental Chicago Productions is a reputed media rental company located in the heart of Chicago and is available 24*7 on the hotline 855 393 9009. They take pride in every event they manage and provide their services, by saying that it is just not a mere event for them; they create an overall experience for the customer.

audio visual rental Chicago Available Equipment services

The available equipment services by AV productions include Audio, Video and Lighting.

Audio Equipments:

  1. Line Array Systems
  2. Powered Speakers
  3. Digital Mixers
  4. Amp Racks
  5. Wired microphones
  6. Digital Recorders

Video Equipments:

  1. LED walls indoor/outdoor
  2. DLP projectors
  3. Laser Projectors
  4. Seamless Switchers
  5. Digital Recorders
  6. HD Camera Systems
  7. Video converters

Lighting Equipments:

  1. Automated Intelligent Lighting
  2. Studio Command
  3. Lighting Fixtures
  4. Dimmers/Controllers
  5. Lighting Consoles
  6. Hog Widget
  7. Tri-Tour LED

These are the equipments you could avail the facilities of, if you seek the rental service of Audio Visual Productions Chicago.

Staging Services

Whether it’s a local event or a grand wedding AVP rental services can help you in all sorts of predicaments. It uses cutting edge technology and start of the art appliances to make sure that your event goes flawless, keeping you a cut above the rest. The staging services provided by AVP rental services involve the following features:

  1. The best Audio appliances and reinforcements are provided to you, if you seek the services of AV productions. They make sure the event and the audience experience one of the best audio interactions ever; they remove all sorts of clutter and background noise to reduce the ambient interruptions.
  2. Décor is something AV productions are strict followers of. They make sure the décor of the event they attend is extraordinary in termscolor, look and comfort.
  3. One of the best lighting rental facilities available in Chicago, AV productions provide a huge host of services : Intelligent Lighting, Indoor/Outdoor LED walls services, Lighting fixtures, Dimmers, Controllers etc
  4. Set Designing is also an important aspect of event management and aesthetics. Those at AV Productions provide one of the best set designing artists, so your event can go seamlessly.

    audio visual rental Chicago

  5. Site Inspection is also provided. This ensures that each and every nook and cranny is checked for flaws before the event goes live. Those at AV productions have your best interest in mind, and by providing a site inspection they check whether every service they’ve provided is absolutely flawless.
  6. Only the friendliest and most hardworking laborers are employed by AV productions. They’ll make your life and event much easier with their experience and hard work.

Hence you can see, the audio visual rental services of AV productions are one of the best. They serve not only Chicago land, but also nearby suburbs. They boast of state of the art technology usage and an updated inventory of appliances and devices. So, if you’re having event issues in Chicago, you know who to go to!


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