What are 0345 Numbers? How Much Do They Cost?

Many companies use 0345 numbers to divert calls to their call centers. These are non-geographic numbers. 03 numbers are charged at geographic rate and included in calls allowance. Geographic rate is the rate paid to call 01 or 02 number. Due to the telecom regulations, telecom providers should serve 03 numbers as 01 and 02 numbers, despite whether you are on mobile phone or landline. Hence, companies are used to swap their 0845 numbers to 0345 numbers, including most government departments, retailers, and financial organizations.


Are 0345 Numbers Free?

Actually, 0345 numbers are not similar to freephone 0808 and 0800 numbers but they are still called without additional charges on several tariffs. If you are offered with free calls to landlines at some times of the day, or has bundled minutes or inclusive calls which include calls to the landline, the calls to free 0345 numbers shall be covered in such deals.

All the 03 numbers are charged on same rate and work in exact same way. It consists of 03454 numbers, 03450 numbers, 03457 numbers, 03456 numbers, and 03459 numbers and other numbers starting with 0345, despite how the number can be displayed.

Cost of 0345 Numbers

Here, we have listed a breakdown of details about cost on mobile phones and landlines. In general, 0345 numbers cost around 12p per minute and from 3p to 45p per minute. However, the cost is based on –

  • When calls are being made
  • Your Mobile or Landline Package
  • Your Mobile or Landline Network Provider

For a complete breakdown of per minute cost of 0345 numbers, please read on the details below or consult with your service provider.

How Much Does It Cost from Mobile to Call 0345 Numbers?

In general, 01 and 02 numbers are treated the same as 03 numbers. If you have ‘free minutes’ in your plan, you will not be charged extra by calling 0345 numbers from your phones as your free minutes shall be used instead in case you don’t have any free minute left, you will have to pay and call 0345 number from your phone. Above all, they are not free phone number.

Basically, calls from your phone, except your free minutes, will cost you as per the base tariff plan. Hence, we have listed a breakdown of standard cost from various mobile phone networks if there are no free minutes on your plan.

Cost of 0345 Numbers from Landline

For calling from UK landline, phone companies cannot charge you more than the charges of geographic numbers like 01 or 02. In addition, 03 numbers should be covered in the minutes or discount schemes. In case of not having free minutes, they may cost you a minimal amount.


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