Top 5 Best Bike Brands in India

It really gets tough to decide which is the best brand for you. That’s because every other brand will try to attract you by providing you features of your interest, and you just can’t decide which one will fit best on you.

Choosing the best bike brand is a problem itself. Every single day it comes in our notice a new bike brand has launched that’s offering a host of interesting features, trying to shift our interest towards them. And this is where we get greedy and buy riding machines that we know less about, and so we suffer.

But, if you’re aware of the best traditional bike brands or the new ones that have had a great reputation in the market over the years, then you don’t have to rethink about any other brand launching. Just follow the ones that are best in the business from not only today but for a past couple decades and surely you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Hero Moto Corp


Previously known as Hero Honda, the Hero Moto Corp is one of the world’s largest bike manufacturing brand, involved in manufacturing two-wheeler cruisers. Over the years the company has created a list of amazing scooters.

The company has great authorized dealerships all across India, furthermore having service & spare parts outlets as well.

Some great leading models from Hero Moto Corp are – Karizma ZMR, Karizma, Xtreme, Hunk, Impulse, Achiever, Ignitor, Glamour Programmed FI, Glamour, Super Splendor, Passion XPRO, Passion PRO, Passion PRO TR, Splendor ISMART, Splendor Pro Classic, Splendor Pro, Splendor Plus, HF Deluxe ECO, HF Dawn and HF Deluxe.

2. Bajaj

Bajaj has been involved in manufacturing bikes that are both two-wheeler and three-wheeler. The company is popular for having commuter motorcycles following great fuel-efficiency, power, performance and also mileage. Famous Bajaj bikes series include Avenger and Pulsar.

A few famous bike variants from Bajaj are – Avenger 220 DTS-I, Pulsar 200 NS, Pulsar 220, Pulsar 180, Pulsar 150, Pulsar 135 LS Pulsar and Ninja 300.

3. Mahindra

Mahindra is another company in-making, it shares a great name in the list of best bike brands in India today also, but they haven’t reached on that level yet. The series of bikes that added up to elevating Mahindra’s name in the market was the Centuro Bike series.

Currently Mahindra is manufacturing new motorcycles and a couple more series of bikes are on their way to take place in the market.

Famous models of Mahindra Bikes include – Centuro, CenturoRockstar and Pantero.

4. TVS

Models like TVS XL Super and TVS XL Heavy Duty were what went on to elevate this brand’s name and making it popular all over the country. The company has had great sale numbers since its launch in India, and people are certainly liking their way of shaping these bikes.

Some other quality scooters by TVS are – Apache Series RTR, Phoenix 125, MAX4R, StaRcity Plus and Sport.

5. Honda

By encouraging fun and safety to the rider, Honda makes it on the pinnacle of India’s best bike branding chart. Their priority is the consumer’s interest, and that’s why they are number one from not only now but for the past one decade.

Some quality productions by Honda include – Honda CBR 1000RR, Honda VFR, Honda CB 110 Dream, Honda Dream Neo, Honda Activa, Honda Dio, Honda Dream Yuga, Honda CB Twister, Honda Aviator, Honda CB Shine, Honda Activa 125, Honda CBF Stunner and Honda CB Unicorn.

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