Keyword Phrase Research–Best Practices for Ranking and Conversions

Two key factors that make keyword phrases effective and efficient are ranking and conversion. The search engines like Google rank your web pages based on various factors. Content relevance, uniqueness, readability, understandability and usability are some of them. They can help improve the ranking in a consistent pace. Conversion is from the perspective of the potential visitors to your site. Click here to get detailed info regarding Keyword research.

Keyword Phrase Research

The probability and percentage of visitors getting converted into customers determines the success of your website and business. This is achieved by getting maximum matches for the search text entered by the user and the content & keyword phrases in your website pages. From the business perspective keyword phases help in getting the best of search engine marketing to reach your target audience.

Keyword Phrase –Factors Affecting Page Ranking

  • Common Words: – You need to make a list of commonly used words for the product or service you offer through your website. The next task is to search for phrases containing commonly used words. Preferably the phrase should be meaningful by itself, though it might not be complete sentence. For example you can consider “power saving water heater”, “best heater for cold climate”, “Quality water heater in Sydney” etc. In some other instances they keyword phrase could be something like “best refrigerator brand Melbourne” or “how to search refrigerator Hongkong” They may not be meaningful by themselves. But they have the potential to attract more visitors since these are the patterns used in the Google and other search engines. Your task is to incorporate these words and phrases in your content.
  • Keyword Research: – You can take the help of an SEO expert company in your domain and give the task of finding the related keywords and phrases used widely. They will be able to give you the most frequently used list. Then your task is to find a professional content writer (also an expert seo specialist) who can write motivating and captivating content by integrating the keywords in an intelligent manner.
  • Keyword Integration: – The integration of keywords and phrases in your webpage content needs to maintain the flow of reading, relevance to the products and services and form grammatically correct sentences. An intelligent content writer can add synonyms to the main keywords within the vicinity of the main keywords related to the content. This will increase the probability of visibility to the search engine crawler.

Keyword Optimization – Organic and Paid SEO Marketing

  • Matching Pattern: – Specific matching works when the entire keyword phrase matches with the search text input by the user. Generic matching works when any one word in the phrase matches with any word in the user input text. Negative words are useful for eliminating unnecessary traffic.

Keyword Research

  • Google Adwords: – Using the perfect keyword phrases in paid SEO marketing like the adwords can enhance the frequency and pattern matching quality in content based listing in the multiple search engine result pages (SERP). The probability of visitor conversions into business increases with time.

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