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The 2018FIFA World cup might be your opportunity to achieve assist past your solace level and make new records with different bookmakers. You will have the chance to better your insight into the World Cup wagering business sector and acquire aggressive chances as this could procure you free wagers, and make your odds of winning increment. This is the biggest football event on earth, and fans worldwide put down wagers on the players or groups that they accept will be the victors. Get your work done, look at the groups that will play and discover the groups or players that you might want to wager on. It would be very interesting to know about the Fifa World Cup Qualifiers.

FIFA world cup is back:

Following four years of holding up from the past World Cup amusements, the FIFA World Cup 2018 competition is at last back once more. This time, the amusements will be considerably more focused and testing on the grounds that those nations who qualified are among the world’s most grounded groups and they are going up against each different this midsummer for the title.

Things being what they are, would you say you are outfitted to cheer your most loved group in this Fifa World Cup Qualifiers?  Yet, before that,


  • Do you have all the investigation of the groups?
  • Do you know what their methodology for their recreations?
  • Do you know what is their quality and shortcomings the groups?
  • Do you know who the concentration player of the group is?
  • Do you know who stand odds to win the World Cup 2018?
  • Do you have every one of the timetables for every last match?

In the event that your answer is NO to any of these inquiry above, at that point it’s not very late in light of the fact that I simply discovered something which is extremely fascinating and exceptionally valuable data for this Fifa World Cup Qualifierswhich I might want to impart to each football fans out there who is similarly as energized prefer me.


I’ve kept an eye on this data and it’s contains an exceptionally extensive data that each football fan must not miss. This snippet of data is ALSO BEST for the individuals who cherish football wagering. It contains a profound investigation of each taking interest groups. The data here essentially stun me and I’m so on edge and eager to sit tight for those days to come.

On the off chance that you need to furnish yourself with the most complete data for the FIFA World Cup 2018, at that point this something you should not miss.

Fifa World Cup Qualifiers:

The field for world cup 2018 is all set. The teams that qualified for world cup include

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • England
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • Poland
  • Iceland
  • Panama
  • Columbia


And the teams that are not qualified for the world cup are:

  • Italy
  • Chile
  • United States


Somewhere else, six extra spots will be dictated by qualifiers.

  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • Croatia
  • Sweden
  • Northern Ireland
  • Greece
  • Republic of Ireland

Android market share is increasing day by day. Now there is a very tough competition between Android and iOS. With the increase in device users the number of downloads of apps on play store is also rising. Here we are listing top 5 most addictive games for android devices.

Top 5 Most Addictive Games for Android Devices

5. Color Switch

Most Addictive Games for Android Devices Color SwitchColor Switch by Fortafy games has over 17 million downloads. In this game you need to jump the ball from the same color pattern. It’s officially rated as the #1 addictive game of the year on play store. Currently the rating of the game is 4.5, rated by 1,681,240 android phone users. You can download the game from the Google PlayStore.

4. Subway Surfers

Most Addictive Games for Android Devices Subway SurfersWith over 500 million downloads only from play store it is truly the addicted game. This game is developed by Kiloo. In this game you need to help Jake and Tricky to escape the station inspector. The game has best HD graphics that will make you fall in love with it. Currently rating of the game on play store is 4.5. Here you and download Subway Surfers.

3. Temple Run 2

Most Addictive Games for Android Devices Temple Run 2With over millions of downloads from the play store this game has made many people addicted. In this game you need to help the protagonist to escape the cursed idol. Current rating of the game is 4.3 and is rated by 7.4 million people. The game is available for free and you can easily download it directly on your smartphone.

2. Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is also the people’s favorite game. It is available in three different versions:

Most Addictive Games for Android Devices Geometry DashThere are many fan made levels of the game. This addictive game is available on three different platforms: iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows. You can also enjoy it online. The objective of the game is to jump over all the obstacles that comes in your way. It is available for free and you can download geometry dash for Android devices.

Before jumping on to the number spot we want to know which your favorite game is. You can use the comment box below to share the name of game you are addicted to.

1. 8 Ball Pool

Most Addictive Games for Android Devices 8 Ball PoolIt is the #1 Pool game available on Android apps store. It provides you an excellent pool experience with HD graphics. You can download the game and challenge your Facebook friends to have a game with you. There are different type of tournaments in the game, you can opt that best suits you. Download the game right now and have a real pool game experience.

I hope you liked our list of most addictive games for Android devices. These games are chosen on basis of number of downloads and their rating. If you want to add any of your favorite game in the list, don’t hesitate to share it with us using the comments box given below.

The puzzle games no doubt are contemplated the finest games to improve your mental power. The major advantage is that such games are at the same time interesting. Therefore, the individuals do not get fed up of such puzzle games. A lot of online sites can give you many free online puzzle games. such games are also known as the mind games.


Advantages Of Playing Puzzle Games:

  • Aside from the picture puzzles, the word and mathematical puzzle games are also extremely well-liked by the individuals. They can develop different kind of abilities in a person like thinking ability and reasoning power. A lot of sites can give you many online free puzzles.
  • For the grown-ups, they are thought to be extremely useful in improving the decision making skill. It also boosts the working skill of the individuals if they are working on such puzzles on an everyday basis.
  • For kids, such puzzle games can assist them in their schooling. Math is one of the most difficult subjects. However, if the kids are educated about the ideas of the subject a simple way, they can initiate getting interest in it. The parents need to download free puzzle games having such numerical operations. They have to ask their kids to answer them in their spare time. It is also probable to improve mental ability of your kid if he plays them on a habitual basis.
  • The growth of brain of kids has a lot to carry out with personality improvement. It can just be another conundrum game; however, you must not undervalue the advantages of such games.
  • The professionals also believe in the actuality that such puzzle games can improve the kid’s overall personality. Therefore, you have to take a little time to play such games on the internet. In addition, if you can play the puzzle game with any buddy such your sibling or a friend, the puzzle game turns into more interactive. However, if you long to boost your mathematical skills, you can employ the different mathematical puzzle games. It is highly suggested to solve a puzzle within a given time.

Guess The Emoji Answers Levels Level 9 10 11 12:

Guess the Emoji is the game which is not only interesting and entertaining but also very easy to play. The game is freely available on every android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. You just have to see the Emojis emerging on your screen and then formulate a word or a sentence which is sensible and complete. If you get stuck on any of the level you can simply have the answers to them. You can also get the answers to the Guess The Emoji Answers Levels Level 9 10 11 12.

Levels from 9 to 12 are the puzzles that will test your knowledge of a variety of subjects. In these levels you may need to make a phrase from the categories such as different well known places, movies, and every general saying. How many of the levels you can be able to solve. Just sign in the game and check!